volcano vaporizer, Top of the line Desktop Vaporizers in Kansas City

VOLCANO Vaporizer

The Original Home Use Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer, made by Storz & Nickel, offers the highest quality desktop vaporizer options on the market. Volcano vaporizers are stylish and built extremely well. Volcano Units produce the highest quality vaporizing experience and come in a variety of models.

Volcano vaporizer has two different types of valve systems. The Classic Volcano has an analog valve and The Digit features a Digital Valve with and auto-shutoff timer. Both units vaporize dry herbs into a balloon. The balloon fills up and is then removed for a tasty hit.

volcano vaporizer, Top of the line Desktop Vaporizers in Kansas City
Come check out the all new volcano digit, the best vaporizer on the market.

Volcano Classic [Analog Temperature Control]

Classic Volcano Vaporizer

The Analog Valve On The Volcano Classic is made of stainless steal and heat resistant plastic. It has 9 temperature settings and is very simple and easy to use.

Volcano Digit [Digital Temperature Control]

The Volcano Digit features a digital temperature valve which has an auto-shut off feature. The auto shut off feature is great for saving energy and maintaining the longevity of the units internal heating element.


Liquid Chamber Accessory

A liquid chamber accessory is available for the Volcano to vape waxy concentrates and oil based mediums.

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