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Vapir Prima portable vaporizer

Vapir Prima portable vaporizer

Vapir Prima portable vaporizer
Prima By Vapir KC

A Durable, Modern Designed Portable Vaporizer

Portable Vaporizer, The Prima by Vapir is one of the hottest new items in the industry. This ultra modern mobile vaping system is solid in design & functionality. The Vaping unit comes in a variety of color options and is built to vape both dry herbs and waxy concentrates.

Vapir Prima portable vaporizer Features

  • Modern Design Thats Stylish & Durable
  • Easily Dissemble and Re Assemble
  • Detatchable Screen & Airway Mouth Piece
  • Easy Temp Control – 4 Pre Defined Temp Settings
  • Vapes Sticky, Waxy Concentrates With Ease
  • Amazing Vapor Quality

Best Place To Buy Vapir Prima In Kansas City

Lets Vape & Smoke Shop KCĀ  stock a variety of options for the Prima portable vaporizer by Vapir. We are an authorized dealer of Vapir, and offer Kansas City a local price match guarantee on Vapir Products. We guarantee to meet or beat the local price of a new Vapir Prima vaping unit with any local vendor. Our goal is to become known as the best vape shop to buy a Prima portable vape by Vapir in KC 2018.

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