Suicide Bunny

E-liquid Doesn’t Come In More Stylish Flavors Than Suicide Bunny E-juice.

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Suicide Bunny got started in 2013, with a dedication to using only the very best, US-made ingredients and putting out truly delicious flavors every single time.

The line up now has five different flavors. The O.B., Derailed, Mother’s Milk, Sucker Punch and Madrina and every one of them has its staunch supporters. Creater dedication to quality and taste above all else has clearly paid off.

E Juice Flavours


Madrina E Juice Flavor is rated among vapors as 4/5 and is described as a juice with a cream base and “melon tucked into every layer,”. The juice definitely delivers in terms of accuracy. The melon comes through clearly, well-captured and realistic to the point of being mouth-watering, and it’s supported by the sweet cream throughout, which adds a layer of richness to the taste. The melon does take center-stage, with the cream being more of a backdrop, but the result is definitely what you’d hope for based on the description.

Overall this is a great juice, the flavor is light and fruity, but the rich creamy undercurrent makes it one you want to keep coming back to. The juice is deliciously sweet and fruity, but has a gentle enough edge to make it a potential all day vape.

The O.B.

The OB of Suicide Bunny e juice flavor is rated amount vapor is 4.5/5. The “Original Bunny” (O.B.) is a mystery flavor, but most pick up sweet cream and possibly some cake from the blend. The sweet cream is definitely central to the taste, with it coming through strongly throughout your draw, with a thick, rich sweetness making up the bulk of the flavor. It’s this velvety smoothness that really carries the juice, there’s a sweet cake taste with just a hint of vanilla in there adding a touch of extra character to the blend.
The O.B. has just the right amount of sweetness, with the richness and smoothness of the cream making every puff a delight. The e juice shows that you don’t need bold flavors to make a delicious e-liquid , the focus on the soft, velvety cream with only subtle additions is precisely what makes this juice so enjoyable. It’s like a vape-able hug; a kind of relaxing, comforting, warm and gentle vape that grows on you very quickly. Plus, the Marilyn label is really awesome.

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch E Juice flavor’s rating is 4.5/5. This is described as a dragon fruit and “silky smooth cream” blend, offering a sharp, fruity vape softened by the creaminess that adds something to almost every Suicide Bunny E Juice. The dragon fruit is the dominant flavor in this E juice, offering a sharp, slightly sour but primarily sweet hit on both the inhale and the exhale. The cream comes through on the exhale more strongly, but it’s also there on the inhale to soften the harsher elements of the fruit.
Sucker Punch definitely offers a punch to the palate, with the sharpness of the dragon fruit making your taste buds sit up and take notice, but the sweetness and rich creaminess coming through to make the e-juice a genuine pleasure to vape. The result is a stand-out fruity e-liquid, with excellently balanced components so you get to enjoy the sweeter, creamier elements alongside the character from the fruit.


The Rating of this E Juice flavor is 5/5 among smokers, and is described as a fresh baked cookie on the inhale and a banana cinnamon flavor on the exhale – a complex blend with elements coming to the forefront at different stages in your draw. The sweet cookie flavor starts off your puff, then is accompanied by warming cinnamon on the nose and a whooshing hit of well-captured banana on the exhale. Derailed is a multi-tonal flavor with the perfect amount of sweetness from the cookie, some authentic fruitiness from the banana and the final warming touches from the cinnamon.

Mother’s Milk

Another flavour of Suicide Bunny, the Mother’s Milk rated 5/5 and is the most popular flavor from Suicide Bunny – it’s pretty much legendary – and promises a rich, creamy dessert flavor with a strawberry exhale. It starts out with that rich, beautifully-captured Suicide Bunny creamy flavor – which is subtle enough to allow other flavor notes to come through but still packing the velvety sweetness you’re looking for – and the strawberry on the exhale is authentic-tasting and pleasantly light. The result is exactly as described, so there are no complaints on the accuracy front.
It’s a thoroughly delicious e-juice that makes a perfect all day vape and is hard to imagine anybody really disliking. The taste combination is exquisite, the components have been captured exceptionally well and the flavors are expertly balanced, with the always-awesome creamy backdrop (like most of the Suicide Bunny juices) topped off with some added sweetness and authentic fruitiness from the strawberry.

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