Square E-hose Mini Hookah

Square E-Hose Mini Hookah

Square E-Hose Mini Hookah

Mini Hookah: A Powerful, Stylish, Handheld Hookah

The e-hose mini or Mini Hookah by Square is a simple, sleekly designed, ultra portable handheld vaping system designed with the feel of being a true electronic hookah. The square ehose system uses cartridges fit for the tool and offers a variety of flavors to choose from.

Square Ehose Vs. Other Portable Vaporizers

The square e-hose is very unique as a portable vaporizer. In terms of durability and power, the square ehose is on par with any high end vapor pen option. This tool is primarily marketed to hookah smokers who enjoy the look, feel, and high performance of the unit.

For someone who simply values the functional aspects over the look and feel of the product, we also sell many other hand held vaping tools with different designs, features, and unlimited flavor options.

Mini Hookah or Square Ehose Features

  • 6 Month Manufacturers Warranty
  • Full Charge Lasts for 800 Puffs
  • Works with Starbuzz E-Hose Cartridges
  • Weighs Only Three Ounces
  • Comes with Two Flavor Cartridges

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