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Shisha Tobacco

Shisha Tobacco

Shisha [aka] Hookah Tobacco

Shisha Tobacco

The mix of tobacco found in a burning bowl of hookah is most commonly referred to as Shisha tobacco.

Commercial shisha products are a special wet tobacco blend. Most traditionally, they are a combination of tobacco, fruit chunks or flavorings, and molasses or honey. Every brand offers a different blend that results in different flavor qualities and performance.

We Carry ALOT of Shisha Flavors

We currently offer over 300 flavors to choose from among many brands which include Starbuzz, Fumari, Hawaii Tobacco, Haze, Nirvana, and Al Fakher. for more info on the top shisha tobacco options, check out our shisha brands page.

Shisha Tobacco Vs. Dry Tobacco

The biggest advantage of shisha tobacco over regular dry tobaccos are that they contain 0-5% nicotine. The low nicotine content is due to the boiling process that prepares the shisha tobacco to accept flavoring.

Can Shisha Help Me Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

Smoking Hookah is it’s own unique ritual and typically isn’t usually thought of as a cigarette replacement. Hookah smoking offers a different smoking experience than traditional pipe tobacco or cigarette tobacco. It is a unique ritual in its own right.

Hookah Smoking is usually treated as a special ritual or event whereas cigarette smoking is typically a habit repeated multiple times per day. That being said, some people do take up occasional smoking hookah to help them quit frequently smoking cigarettes.

How To Prepare Shisha Tobacco In Hookah

Grab your clean hookah bowl and prepare to add the shisha. Before adding the shisha, many connoisseurs recommend that you first gently press it into a napkin or paper towel to remove access liquid.

After pressing, break the shisha apart and lightly fluff it into the hookah bowl. Refrain from packing the shisha in too tight as this will restrict heat and airflow. Make sure to only pack it about 3/4 of the way up the bowl so that the shisha doesn’t get burnt from the heat source.

Add your foil to the top of the bowl and poke evenly spaced holes across the surface. Grab your favorite charcoal and get it running. Place the charcoal on top of the foil. Smoke & enjoy.

BEST place to buy Shisha Tobacco In Kansas City

As an authorized dealer of all the top shisha brands, we offer a price match guarantee across our complete line of shisha products. We will Meet Or beat the price of any local Kansas City competitor. Additionally, we offer many hookah options to enjoy smoking shisha tobacco. We aim to become the best place to buy shisha products in Kansas City 2019.

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