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Purified: OMNI & Puriclean

Omni by Purified

Puriclean by Purified Kansas City

Omni Cleansing Liquid, Shampoo, and Extra Cleansing Drink by Heaven Sent Naturals, are detox product available at Lets Vape & Smoke Shop KC. Best Head shop in Kansas City providing Cleansing Products .


Puriclean another Detox available, Puriclean X2 and X5 by Wellgenix begins cleansing instantly. Enriched with technology that is specifically formulated with two unique proprietary blends make it strongest complete body cleanser.
Pollutants in the air, food and water we ingest can cause damage to our organs and tissues. It is important that we cleanse these poisonous toxins from our bodies regularly.
Puriclean Instant Complete Body Cleanser provides a safe effective way to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins that build up in your body on a daily basis.

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