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G Pen Elite Vaporizer

G Pen Elite

G pen

The new G Pen Elite from Grenco Science is a much anticipated portable vaporizer. The Elite Vaporizer has an adjustable temperature between 200F-428F and will display the current Temp and battery information on a futuristic looking LCD on the side of the device. Also special in the Elite is a super dead ceramic chamber that is able to reach 357F in 30 seconds. Each Elite now has a unique serial number, to try and prevent counterfeit units from hitting the market.

G Pen Elite Vaporizer Specification

  • MAXIMUM CAPACITYLargest chamber capacity on the market at 0.11 cubic inches
  • RAPID HEATINGAchieves vaporization temperatures in 30 seconds
  • CUSTOM TEMPERATUREAdjustable between 200 – 428 degrees F (93 – 220 degrees C)
  • BRILLIANT DISPLAYA sleek LED interface displays chamber temperature and battery life
  • UNRIVALED FLAVORA fully ceramic coil-less 360° chamber heats evenly from all sides
G Pen Elite Vaporizer
G Pen Elite Vaporizer

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