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PAX 3 vaporizers

Much-slimmer PAX 3 vaporizers comes in at the same dimensions as the Pax 2 vape pen, which makes this device perfect for carrying it around in anything from front pockets to backpacks. The only button on this vaporizer is within the mouthpiece that you press for various functions.

This design give the Pax 3 a very futuristic look by not having any outward facing buttons on the body of the vape itself.

Its anodized aluminum body’s touch feels very strong and enduring, and the smooth and sleek high-polished finish is a nice touch.

High-quality construction and a smooth look makes this vaporizer perfect for carrying it anywhere.

App allow you to be more precise with your desired temperature for vaping.

Loading the Pax 3 with your favorite herbs is the same process as the Pax 2. Pressing on one side of the lid at the bottom of the Pax 3 removes the magnetically-sealed chamber lid to fill with your flower of choice.

PAX 3 vaporizers

Meet the PAX Era and PAX 3, the Latest & Newest PAX

PAX 3 vaporizers comes with a raised mouthpiece. Turning on and operating the Pax 3 was effortless with single button function in the mouthpiece.

A quick press of the mouthpiece brings the Pax 3 to life. Holding down the button for a couple seconds allows you to change your heat settings — the four petals on the Pax 3 logo turns into colors that correspond with certain heat settings, and you can cycle through each one by giving another short press of the button.

Checking your battery levels are pretty cool, too, as it only requires a quick, vigorous shake of the unit. The logo’s petals illuminate to indicate how much power you have left (one petal being 25%, two petals being 50%, and so on).

The petals are purple when the unit is heating up, and once they switch to a nice, inviting green light, you’re ready to start inhaling and enjoying.


pax-3 in smoke shop kc, liberty mo, lees summit, pax 3 in gladstone

Pax 3 Features:

  • 4+ heat settings,
  • Bluetooth-enabled,
  • app-enabled,
  • 90+ minute charge time

Pax 3 Includes:

  • Pax 3,
  • maintenance kit,
  • 3 screens,
  • concentrate insert,
  • multi-tool,
  • charging cable + dock,
  • 2 mouthpieces,
  • 2 oven lids,
  • 3500 mAH battery,
  • 10-year warranty


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