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OG Four 2.0 Lava Quartz Kit


og pipe

The Og Pen is a unique ultra portable concentrate vaporizer that uses a coil system referred to as lava quartz technology. The Four 2.0 Kit comes with many features at a reasonable price-point to get you vaping concentrates in no time. The all inclusive kit utilizes Patent pending Lava-Quartz Technology and a Quad Airflow system to deliver hits just like a rig!

OG Pen Features

  • Calibrated LOW-TEMP controlled coil the preserves natural flavor
  • XL Polycarbonate visual heating chamber
  • Direct QUAD AIRFLOW system
  • Threaded chamber and cartridge for easy breakdown and cleaning
  • 6500 Micro amp battery with microchip processor
  • Integrated safety shutdown for MAX LIFE!
  • Silicone Concentrate Container With Titanium Dab Tool

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