A pod system that combines sub-ohm vaping with regular MTL experience – It’s Nord Kit by Smok™

Nord Kit : Pod System

A pod system that combines sub-ohm vaping with regular MTL experience – It’s Nord Kit by Smok™

Do you think you are a pod vapes enthusiast who wants to experience evolving sub-ohm vaping technology while constantly switching back to the traditional Mouth to Lung (MTL) vape? Yes! Then, here is a device for you that can serve both the purposes. It is Nord Kit developed by Smok™. It comes with two replaceable coils —Nord Mesh 0.6 to generate a massive vapor by enabling sub-ohm vaping and Nord regular 1.4 coil for a wonderful MTL experience.

A pod system that combines sub-ohm vaping with regular MTL experience – It’s Nord Kit by Smok™

In addition to the two replaceable coils, the device has a new button-triggered design, is operated by a powerful 1100mAh battery,and adds to your style statement with its lustrous honeycomb design and a study build. The easy to use trigger-button performs multiple operations, including one for providing key information on battery level with a small indicator. Nord Kit’s e-liquid container has greater storage capacity and facilitates long time vaping and massive vapor.

A pod system that combines sub-ohm vaping with regular MTL experience – It’s Nord Kit by Smok™

Let’s peep into the box: Nord Kit : Pod System

Smok™ supplies two variants of Nord Kit. The US version, which is also called standard version, has a 3 ml e-liquid container, and the EU edition is packaged with a 2 ml e-liquid container. The company supplements the device with two coils: a 0.6 mesh coil and a regular 1.4 coil. Other items in the box include a USB cable for charging and a user manual.

Stylish and Sturdy Look

The device cover is styled as honeycomb; with a good quality build this vape pod has a study look. And its size, measuring 94x30x18.8 mm, makes it a perfect fit in your hand.

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Add Color to Your Accessories

The device is supplied in six colors: full black, red, prism gold, bottle green, prism rainbow, and black white. So there is plenty to choose from when it comes to color. After all, men and women have different choices.

Powerful Battery

Nord Kit has a built-in battery with a capacity of 1100mAh that makes it huge among pod system devices. With this much power storage it may last much longer than many other pod vapes. You may not have to recharge it so frequently.

Ease of Use

As the device is triggered by a button, you may find it somewhat different from other pod vapes. However, your experience would still be a familiar one, thanks to the simplicity of design. To power up the device you need to press the button five times, to vape you press the same button once, and to check the battery levels you need to press it twice. It’s that simple!

An LED Indicator that keeps you posted

The Pod System /Device has an LED indicator that is built into the button. After you press it twice, it would blink one of the three color codes: Red, Orange, or Green. Red signals battery level at less than 30 percent, a green light indicates that battery is charged more than 70 percent. The orange color code informs you that battery level is between 30 and 70 percent.

Bigger Mouthpiece

Do you think your existing vape does not give you a mouthful experience? Well, in that case you may find satisfaction in Nord Kit’s mouthpiece that improves both Direct to Lung and MTL experience. The company terms its design as ‘duck-billed’. The mouthpiece has a lip curve and would fit your mouth well.

Two Coils, Two Experiences

The Nord Mesh 0.6 coil is meant to generate greater vapor and provide sub-ohm vaping experience. The Nord regular 1.4 coil is meant for regular MTL experience, but still makes the difference when you compare it with other pod vapes with regular coils. The 0.6 coil with a rather large mesh heats quite swiftly.

The E-liquid Container

If you are a vaping enthusiast, as I asked earlier, the chances are you will be buying the standard edition with a 3 ml e-liquid container, which is larger than many other pod vapes and spare you the effort of re-filling frequently.

The bigger container provides longer vape experience in a single fill. But, here, I must warn you that the greater the amount of nicotine the higher is the risk to your health. A flavor with less nicotine contents may provide equally pleasant experience.


The creators of Nord Kit say they have ensured the device meets safety standards. It protects users against risks often linked with electronic devices. The device has Lithium Battery protection, Short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, and 8 second cut-off protection.

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