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noble glass pipe

Noble Glass

Beautiful Soft Glass Pipes

Beautiful Noble glass is an industry leading brand of soft glass blowers out of Eugene, Oregon. The Noble Glass makes some of the most stylish, and well made soft glass water pipes in the world.

Noble Glass Pipe

Noble glass designs are unique and original. Unlike cheap imports, Noble Glass pieces are durable, hand blown artistically made pipes.

Noble Glass Blowing

Why Buy A Noble Glass Design?

Artistic, Colorful water pipes are typically blown in a medium referred to as soft glass.  Noble Glass gets the most out of their soft glass style and unlike many imported pipes, their pieces do not appear or feel soft at all. In fact, they have the feel and weight of a durable hard glass piece.

The Lets Vape & benefit to the soft glass approach is the ability to create pieces in a wide spectrum of colors, with a wide variety of style. Essentially, Noble Glass is a company that does soft glass blowing at the maximum level.

Noble Glass Bongs

Colorful Glass Pipes

BEST place to Buy Noble Glass Pipes In Kansas City

As An Authorized Retailer of Noble Glass, we offer a price match guarantee across our complete line of Noble Glass Pipes. We Will meet or beat the price of any local KC competitor. Our goal is to become known as the best place to buy a Noble Glass Pipe In Kansas City 2016.

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