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Maud-Dib Concentrate Box

Maud-Dib Concentrate Box | Maud-Dib Magic Flight KC

A Compact Vaporizer For Concentrates & Oils

The Muad-Dib Concentrate Box is handmade with love in California. As a vaping tool made by Magic Flight, it is a portable vaporizer in a size and shape class of its own.

Classy vaporizing tool offers high performance vaping of waxy concentrates and oil based mediums in an ultra compact form .

This unit produces, In just 3 seconds, a temperature of 900 ° F to get your medium of choice ready for vaporization.

Two Classy Wooden Styles

Magic Flight Manufactures The Maud-Dib Box in two classy styles, Noir wood & Walnut wood. The Noir wood box presents a rich, black wooden stained look, while the Walnut style presents a rich, dark stained wooden look.

Easy To Clean

The Maud-Dib is engineered for high performance vaping in a simplistic manner. The Unit is easy to take apart and reassemble. It comes with a replaceable screen and a removable brass bowl insert that makes cleaning and maintenance hassle free.

Concentrate Box: Muad-Dib Kit

The Maud-Dib is ready to go out of the box. It includes everything you need to get going, some replacement parts, & accessories.

  • Maud-Dib Concentrate Box
  • AA NiMH Glyph Batteries & Caps x2
  • 18 inch black draw whip
  • 1 Replacement Screen
  • Loading Spoon
  • Battery Charger
  • Instruction Guide
  • Felt-lined Storage Tin
  • Manufacturer’s Life-Time Warranty

Additional Magic Flight Box Accessories

Water Pipe Whip

This silicone hose connects your Maud-Dib Vaping Mod to a 14mm water pipe through a custom whip attachment. Additionally, a 14mm to 18mm glass fitter can be added to your purchase for use with larger down stems. This whip accessory allows you to integrate you’re Maud-Dib into any standard water pipe.

Maud-Dib Water Pipe Whip |Maud-Dib Concentrate Box

The Orbiter

The orbiter is a bubbler system designed especially to match the Maud-Dib Vaping Box. This accessory is a great item to smooth out your vapor hit more and adds interest to using the Maud-Dib Socially.

Magic Flight Orbiter | Maud-Dib Water Pipe Whip |Maud-Dib Concentrate Box

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