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deni clean liquid tobacco pipe cleaner

Liquid Cleaners

We carry the Bling brand liquid tobacco pipe cleaner. It is available in two varieties, one for pyrex (glass), metal, & ceramic tobacco pipes and one of plastics/acrylics.

They contain a blue liquid which polishes, cleans, & deodorizes along with white crystals that gently remove tar & residues. To use this cleaner for a hand pipe; you place the pipe into a zip lock bag, shake the bottle well, pour the liquid & crystals into the bag until they cover the pipe, seal the bag, and then shake it until the pipe is clean.

The plastic/acrylic version is great for hookahs with plastic bases as well as for the acrylic chambers that are included in many metal tobacco pipes. With either version, there is generally no soaking needed as long as you clean it at reasonable intervals and the cleaner can be reused a couple of times but do not mix new & used cleaner when storing. Bling is available in 4oz and 16oz bottles with the 16oz bottle being a significantly better deal.

deni clean liquid tobacco pipe cleaner

We have following Cleaning products with us.

PipeMasters Clean & Cure Premium butane Brebbia Liquid Pipe Cleaner

Detox and Misc.

Go Clean Herbal Cleanse fortified with Green Tea Metaboost Peach Flavor
Instant Clean 3 Capsules
Green Clean Honey Tea Flavor 2 – 4 fl oz. bottles
Mega Clean Tropical Fruit Flavor 32 fl oz
Folli – Kleen Intense Hair Cleaner One treatment bottle
Stinger Alcohol free mouthwash 2 fl oz
Total Detox whole body cleanser 8 fl oz
Total Detox Jazz mouthwash 2 fl oz
Strip Complete Body Cleanser 1 fast dissolve softgel
Strip NC Complete Body Cleanser
16 oz Fruit Flavor
1 – 1 fl oz liquid
4 Replenishing Caps
MDT Solutions Instant Cleanser 16 fl oz
Clean Stream Urine Fetish Kit
Quick Fix Plus 3 oz
Instant Cleansing Drinks
16 fl oz Twisted Lemon
Passion Splash
32 fl oz Black Cherry
7 day cleanser 42 capsules
cleansing shampoo 2 oz
Cream Connoisseur Cream Whipper
Cream Chargers
Mr. Creamy 24 Gourmet Cream chargers
Nitro Whip 24 chargers
Easy Whippets box of 24 cream chargers
Erotica Cream Chargers 24 cream chargers

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