Jam Monster E Juice

Jam Monster E Juice comes in three flavors – Strawberry, Blueberry and Apple – and three nicotine strengths, 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml. All three flavors come in the same VG/PG ratio (75VG/25PG).

Jam Monster E Juice and E Liquid
Jam Monster E Juice

Jam Monster E Juice is one of the most popular e-liquid lines on the market these days. People just can’t stop talking about it, virtually every vape shop is carrying at least one of their three flavors, 

Recommended to vape them in sub ohm tanks or RDAs, as they are pretty thick. All of them are clear juices, and even though they are on the sweet side, they don’t seem to kill coils as fast as other darker color juices

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