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Haze Vaporizer

Haze Vaporizer in Kansas city

Haze Vaporizer comes with two type of screens. Convection screen and conduction screen. The conduction screen is made of stainless steel with two sides open which allows dry content to have a controlled exposure to the heating chamber. This type of screen allows user to get denser and thicker vapor out of the unit.

The convection screen of Haze Vaporizer is also made of stainless steel but allows no direct contact between your material and the heating chamber. This is a healthier way of vaporizing. You will be fully medicated without much visible vapor. Extremely gentle on the throat

Dual Chambers

Custom Design Your Vaping Experience

Haze Vaporizer: Best Portable Vaporizers Unique Canisters

Portable Chamber Canisters
Pack Them With Favorites Ahead of Time

Longer Sessions

Extend Your Sessions As Long as You Want

Replaceable Batteries

Replaceable Batteries
Re-Charge and Take All You Need Anywhere

Versatile Vaping / All Materials

Choose Dried Herbs, Wax, Liquids and Oils

Precision Temperature for best portable vaporizers

Precision Temperature
Stay In Total Control in Any Environment

Convection and Conduction – best portable vapes

Convection and Conduction
Select Your Preferred Heating Method to Vape

Best E Liquid in Kansas City

Cool Vapor

Coolest Vapor / Easiest Draw
Patented Heat Exchange / No Draw Restriction

New Mouthpiece Design

New Mouthpiece Design
Discreet Adjustable Height and Easy to Clean

Durability / Impact Resistant

Durability / Impact Resistant
Withstand Up to the Weight of a Motorcycle

Contemporary Design & Colors

Contemporary Design & Colors
Graphite, Absinthe, Orchid, Midnight & Stealth

Contemporary Design and Colors

With 10 Year Warranty Backed By World-Class Customer Service

Alcohol (ISO) Resistant Finish

Keep Your Vaporizer Clean With Confidence

Haze Vaporizer is USB Power Bank

Charge Any Mobile Device with Haze Batteries

Ultimate Portability

Fits Discreetly into Any Coat or Jean Pocket

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