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GRAVLABS Water Pipes

BEST Scientific Glass Brand

Water Pipes Simply Don’t Come More Technologically Impressive And Sleekly Designed Than Those Made By GRAVLABS. If you’re looking for the highest end scientific glass pipes in the industry, than Grav LABS is one of the most widely known brands.

Beaker Pipes

Grav LABS beaker line is all about getting a high end scientific glass pipe at an affordable price. We carry two Grav LABS beaker sizes that make a great purchase as your first water pipe.


The Upline models are as functional as they are stylish. We are proud to offer KC a direct resource to obtain a quality Upline water pipe model from Grav Labs.



The Helix line from Grav Labs is all about scientific glass meeting organic curvy builds. We sell many helix models in both water pipe and hand pipe styles. We are proud to offer KC a direct resource to obtain a quality Helix water pipe model from Grav Labs.


Circuit Micro Water Pipe

The Circuit line from Gravlabs is a collection of stylish micro Water Pipe with angled tubes. We are proud to offer KC a direct resource to obtain a quality Circuit water pipe model from Grav Labs. These come in a variety of small sizes and colors.

Steam Rollers

If you’re looking for the most scientifically designed steam rollers by Grav LABS, we offer a number of options. In addition to Grav LABS steam rollers, we also sell a variety of hand blown steam rollers.

Grav LABS Accessories

We also sell Grav Labs bowls, stems, ash catchers, spoon pipes, and chillums. We sell basic Grav Labs chillums as well as their line of hybrid chillums that can accept both dry herbs and concentrates.

Grav LABS Dabbing Tools

If you’re more of a dabber than a smoker, have no fear. We also sell a number of Gravlabs dabbing tools and accessories. We can convert any standard water pipe into a high performing dab rig. We sell glass, quarts, titanium, and ceramic dabbing tools.

BEST place to buy Grav LABS Water Pipes in Kansas City

As an authorized dealer of Grav LABS Water Pipes, we offer a price match guarantee across all of our Square products. We will meet or beat the price on a Grav LABS model with any local Kansas City Competitor. Additionally, we offer many Grav LABS Water Pipe accessories. Our Goal is to become known as the best place to buy a Grav LABS water pipe in 2016.


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