Golden Ghost E-juice

Golden Ghost E-juice

Buy Golden Ghost E-juice In Kansas City

When it comes to e-liquids for vaping e-CIGS, Golden Ghost is the most sought after brand in Kansas City. Golden Ghost is the perfect blend of quality flavor and performance.

GG e-juice is mixed in an ideal MOD ratio of 70 / 30 PG to VG. In terms of nicotine content, this brand comes in potency of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine per ml.

Golden Ghost Flavors

  • Tiger’s Blood: Strawberry + Watermelon
  • Honey Wood Tobacco: Natural Honey Infused Tobacco Taste
  • Gummi Bear: Tastes like Gummi Bears
  • Orange Chill: Refreshing Citrus With A Cool Hint of Mint

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