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Glass Pipes

Buy Glass Pipes In KC

Alien Glass Pipes KC

Buy Glass Pipes In Kansas City

No Smoke Shop in Kansas City offers a wider selection of glass pipes. We carry glass smoking pipes in many styles including spoon pipes, bubblers, chillums, steam rollers, nectar collectors, water pipes, and even glass hookah pipes.

Hand blown Glass By Top Brands

We stock glass pipes hand blown by many of the most well know glass blowing brands in the industry. Authorized dealers of top labels. We offer a local price match guarantee on all top brands. We will meet or beat the price of any glass pipe model from a top brand.

Glass Pipes Blown By International Blowers

Not every high quality glass pipe comes from a well known brand. Many of the most well made, hand blown pipes are made by independent glass blowers around the country. We often meet these types of artists at international trade shows and obtain unique glass pieces straight from them.

Local Glass By Kansas City Artists

We are proud to stock glass pipes that are blown in Kansas City. We are always looking to stock new items from local Kansas City artists, whether they be local made spoon pipes or water pipes.

Glass 4 Smoking OR Dabbing

amazing piece of smoking pipe. dab rig or water pipes

Our inventory of glass pipes is diverse in size, shape, color, and application. We have glass pipes that are great for smoking dry herbs and we also have glass blown specifically for dabbing concentrates. Additionally, we have the parts needed to convert any glass pipe into a dry herb or concentrate style pipe.

Scientific Glass Pipes

We Carry loads of selection when it comes to scientific glass. We have many options that include pipes blown locally as well as industry leading brands such as Blown, Nexus, & Gravlabs.

Additionally, we can upgrade any normal pipe for smoother hits and higher air pressure with our good selection of percolated downstems, recyclers, and ash catchers.

Soft Glass Pipes

When it comes well blown, colorful, soft glass water pipes, we have quite a bit to choose from. We have soft glass pieces from local blowers as well as top brands such as Noble Glass.

Keep Your Glass CLEAN!

We can help you keep your glass pipes looking fresh with our great selection of pipe cleaning products too. We carry many brands of soapy detergents that are specifically formulated for easily removing buildup & residue that naturally occurs when smoking through a glass pipe.

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