Fog Zone

Well Made E-juice With Unique Flavors

Fog Zone is an awesome e-juice brand that offers some of the most unique, well blended e-liquids in the industry. Nicotine potency comes in options of Og 3g and 6g per ml.

Fog Zone E-juice

Popular Fog Zone Flavors

RY4 With Caramel: mild tobacco flavor incorporated with vanilla and extra caramel
Cream Breeze: Tropical fruity flavors perfectly blended in a cream base
Milk Chocolate: Smooth chocolate milk sensation
Blue Ice: Blueberry flavor infused into the icy blast of vapor
Chocolate Mint: The taste of mint chocolate reminds you of the after dinner thin mints we all love
The Monster: Sweet & Sour Energy Drink style blend
Honey Tobacco: Honey gently blended with a premium tobacco flavor
Tutti Fruity: Tutti fruity styled candy flavors
Dragon Whisper: Dragon Fruit, Coconut, and complimentary fruity flavor hints
Fruity Stripes: The famous striped gum everyone loved as a kid comes to life in each hit
Vanilla Cafe: A gentile vanilla coffee sensation
Vapor Bomb: Reminds you of a whiskey bomb. A Gotta try it flavor.

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