A Stylish & Diverse Portable Vaporizer

The firefly is a sleekly designed portable vaporizer that offers dry herb and wax concentrate vaping ability with high performance.

Firefly Features

  • Dry Herb Capability Out Of The Box
  • Wax / Concentrate Adapter
  • Lithiom Ion Battery
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Carrying Bag

Why Buy A Firefly?

Firefly is a high performance portable vaporizer. There are many options on the market when it comes to portable vaporizers but firefly is one of the most stylish and high performing units available along with the PAX.

Firefly VS. PAX

The Lets Vape & advantage owning a firefly has over PAX is its ability to vaporize wax concentrates with the adapter. Pax only offers dry herb vaping. Another good portable vaporizer that offers both dry herb and wax capability out of the box is the ascent by davinci.

Firefly Portable Vaporizer

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