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Ceramic water pipes glass pipes in Kansas City

Ceramic Water Pipes



The Ceramic Water Pipe is a classic style of bong and despite today’s push for scientific clear glass pieces, the traditional ceramic platform remains a favorite among many seasoned smokers.

Lets Vape & smoke Shop proudly offers Kansas City a HUGE variety of ceramic water pipes of all shapes, colors, and sizes.

What Are The Benefits Of Ceramic Water Pipes?

Cleaning A Ceramic Piece Is Easier Than Glass

Ceramic Water Pipes Are almost always Opaque. If you’ve failed to clean your water pipe correctly from the inside out, the pipe is still going to look the same as it did new. On the other hand, a glass piece must be more meticulously cleaned to stay looking and performing fresh.

Ceramic Water Pipes are constructed in a very simple manner. Unlike many scientific glass styles of today, Ceramic pieces don’t typically contain built in ice pinchers and percolators. Simple designs are much easier to clean than complex designs.

Ceramic Pieces Are Thick & Stronger Than Most Glass

Drop A typical, expensive, glass piece and more likely than not, it will break. Knock over a Ceramic piece, and a majority of the time it will reLets Vape & intact. The Being Said, The taller the piece, the more vulnerable it is to break from trauma.

Do Ceramic Water Pipes Work Well?

With Ceramic Pipes, the functionality is dependent on the design and talent of the maker. Traditionally, Ceramic Water pipes are designed around one or more bubble sections. The bubbled out sections of a typical ceramic piece use laws of physics to naturally hold large amounts of smoke in the pipe. This results in very little smoke getting wasted. You have to pull hard and long or take multiple pulls to clear a big hit out of a well made ceramic pipe.

BEST place to Buy Ceramic water pipes In Kansas City

If you’re looking for great bong designs in the ceramic platform, we strive to stay as stocked as possible. We carry a great variety of ceramic pipes offer loads of accessories to pimp out your piece as much as you see fit. One of our goals is to become known as the best place to buy ceramic pipes in Kansas City 2017.

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