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wooden pipes in kansas city

Wooden Pipes

Hand Made Wood Pipes

Wooden Chillums

Wood One Hitters

Lots Of Hand Made Wooden Pipes

A nice wooden pipe offers a smoking experience of sophistication and style. Lets Vape & Smoke Shop proudly offers a wide selection of wooden hand pipes of all shapes and sizes.

Wooden Spoon Pipes

We Carry some awesome hand made wooden spoon pipes and cleaners. We have a variety of styles and sizes to choose from.

Wood Chillums, One Hitters, & More

If you want a quality chillum made of wood by the finest craftsmen, look no further than Lets Vape & Smoke Shop. In addition to standard chillums, We also offer a great selection of well made wooden one hitters as well as stylish wooden dugouts, grinders, and humidor containers.

Hybrid Wood Pipes

In addition to 100% wood designs, we also carry hybrid pipe designs that mix wood and metal, wood and stone, and wood and glass designs.

Traditional Wood Pipes

We carry many traditional styles optimized for the pipe tobacco enthusiast.

BEST place to buy Wood Pipes In Kansas City

As an authorized Dealer of many companies and individual artists who specialize in making wood pipes, we aim to become known as the best place in Kansas City to purchase a wooden pipe. We offer a price match guarantee across all of our top brands and offer alot of unique wooden pipes that can only be found in our store. If you seek a nice wood pipe, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

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