Strong Silicone water pipe LETS VAPE & SMOKE SHOP KC
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Strong Silicone water pipe

the go anywhere water pipe

The go anywhere water pipe or The Original Strong Silicone Water pipe is the unbreakable water pipe .

Made for thrill seeker in all of us. It is impossible to break, Simple to use and easy to maintain. Whether you are mountain biking, skiing, camping, surfing, rafting or laying poolside, this monstrous of a pipe won’t disappoint you.

Characteristics of Original Strong Silicone Water Pipe

Durable silicone that is 100% FDA Approved food grade silicone.
Silicone Ice Catcher that is removable easy to clean & keeps smoke icy cool & filtered.
Bowl & Stem are High quality borosilicate glassware which will fit into the silicone body.
Suction Cup Base is a unique concave base which creates bump proof suction.
So overall a one time investment unless of-course you burn the silicone.

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