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They make this unit in Seattle, Washington in the good ol’ USA. It’s built with the daily dabber and concentrate enthusiast in mind, you can leave this thing on 24/7 and it won’t bat an eye. I wouldn’t really do that for safety reasons, but you catch my drift.

The controller box has an aluminum casing and it’s super durable, it can withstand some abuse. The heater cord and coil are the parts you want to be gentle with, you want to make sure the cord is never pinched or twisted and you really need to be mindful of where you set down your coil (if not attached to rig).

Certified Grade 2 Titanium

All of the titanium (Ti) parts and accessories that go with this are certified by a third party as Grade 2 quality, you can check the certificate on their website. This means it’s the real deal, you don’t want to mess around with cheaper, inferior materials when you’re dealing with temperatures this high.

The universal titanium nail they include fits basically every popular connection size out there: 14MM & 18MM female pieces and 10MM, 14MM & 18MM male pieces.

If you like to dab big globs of oil they got you covered, the deep dish nail is the one you want. It works the same exact way as the standard size one but the bowl part is roughly twice as deep.

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