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Butane Torches

Buy Torch Kansas City

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Stok Torches KC


butane torches kc

Buy Torches For Hookah & Dabbing

In The Hookah And Dab world, a nice torch can be a very useful tool. We carry all kinds of nice torch options in a variety of sizes, styles and applications. We carry popular brands such as Stok, Newport, Scorch Torch, & more. As an authorized dealer to the top brands of torches we can get you the best possible deal in Kansas City.

Buy Butane For Your Torch

In addition to the torches themselves, we have loads of options and great deals on butane too. We carry many high popular butane brands such as Stok, Newport, Special Blue, Calibri, Medicali, mz12x, Crown, & more. When it comes to buying torches in Kansas City, we are truly a [One Stop Shop]


Whip it butane ceramic top & bottom torch. new

This brand has been in the bussines for some time now.

Perfect for dabbing with domeless titanium nails, quartz, ceramic nails, the flame is good on the torch comes with silicon case in case you want to travel with it. Has a 1 year warranty.

buy whip it kansas city

Whip it

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