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Atmos Rechargeable Power Vape Kit in sleek Gun Metal Black is a 2600 mAh vaporizer battery and power bank that provides the benefits of variable voltage technology. By pushing the buttons on the front of the sleek stainless steel case, you can dial in the exact voltage that is required for your personal taste. With its spring-loaded connection, the Atmos Power-Vape Vaporizer features 510 threading that allows all of your clearomizers and atomizers sit flush. As an added feature, the Atmos Power-Vape Vaporizer and Charger features two ports that can be used to connect USB and mini USB devices to the vape battery, giving you the best of both worlds.  Smart phones, tablet computers, digital cameras, GPS devices, and other mobile gadgets along with your Vape Gun will always be ready to use! This is truly a revolutionary device!


Atmos established itself as a pioneer of the e-device industry. In fact, the company secured the first ever patent for a portable pen vaporizer. From then on, the Atmos name and vaporizers became synonymous within hobbyist and enthusiast circles.


The Atmos Power-Vape Battery and Power Bank is the culmination of years of engineering research, as well as data collected by “real-life” vapers. As most e-device enthusiasts are well within the working age demographic, Atmos sought a way to maximize sessions for those that are always “on the field.”

The problem for most busy vapers is that many portable platforms, as a direct result of their compact nature, lack the battery juice to sustain multiple sessions. This can result in frustrating downtimes, particularly because a free moment is increasingly rare in our hectic society.


Atmos solved this problem with its Power-Vape Battery Pack. Essentially, the Power-Vape is a highly advanced multitasking wonder that provides a perfect fusion between a power bank and a variable voltage battery, all under one convenient package. For the on-the-go vaping enthusiast, this translates into the ability to enjoy a session anytime, anywhere!

This bad-boy unit has approximately 200 to 300% more power than the leading portable vaporizer battery kit. Not only that, the Power-Vape features variable voltage. This ability ensures 100% control of the power running through your vaporizer, which results in high-quality, tremendous tasting vapor. Indeed, no other portable platform comes close!

Atmos Power Vape Kit

  • Rechargeable vaporizer
  • Replicates the smoking process
  • After drawing in vaporized liquid, user exhales water vapor
  • Variable voltage function lets users set precise voltage
  • LCD display shows selected voltage and remaining battery life
  • Spring-loaded connector
  • 2,600mAh rechargeable battery
  • 510 threaded is connection compatible with most heating cartridges and chambers
  • Bottom-loaded cartridge for e-liquids and other oils
  • Holds a generous volume of liquid
  • Cartridge easily disassembles for detailed cleaning




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