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Atmos Magna

Atmos RX is a leader of innovative vape technology and design, releasing the smallest and most portable models on the market. Atmos uses in-house engineering with attention to detail, in order to design only the highest quality, best products.

By holding themselves and their products to the highest standards in quality control, Atmos Magna have become the most widely recognized model of vaporizer kits on the international level, known for their unique and innovative product design.

Atmos Magna

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If you are looking for the the freedom to try different materials in a wide range of consistencies. Sadly, most wax vaporizers are built towards a limited number of concentrates, but Magma is AtmosRx’s solution to this problem, and is designed for you to vape what you want the way you want. When compared to other best wax pens in its class, the new Atmos Magna offers just as much, if not more, for half the price.

The Magna includes a single quartz atomizer and a dual quartz rod atomizer, both of which feature quality titanium coils. Plus the Magna wax pen is equipped with a temperature control battery which offers 3 optimized heat settings. It also comes with a magnetic chamber cover, to give you easy access to the atomizer every time, allowing for super quick and effortless re-loading.

A Flexible Vaporizer for Wax

As mentioned before, the Atmos Magma is a vape pen that’s ready for all types of concentrates. With this wax pen, you’ll receive two different atomizers: a dual quartz titanium and a single quartz titanium.

You’ll have the freedom to load any type of concentrate you desire into any of the chambers with the included packing tool. A magnetic chamber cover gives you quick access when it comes time to load and change the coils, ensuring that the unit stays closed when you’re on the go.

With the Atmos Rx Magma, you can get the most out of your material. Its glass mouthpiece keeps your vapor pure and flavorful with no contamination from plastic or rubber. The 650mAh battery features a temperature control system with three levels of heating, so you can customize your vaping experience to suit whatever you’re vaping. Changing the temperature is as easy as holding down the button.

Compact and convenient, the Atmos Magma comes with everything you need to get started. Everything can be stored inside the included leather carrying case for convenience at home and on the go.

Atmos Magna
  • – Atmos Magna for Wax
  • – Different Temperature Settings
  • – Ready in 5 seconds
  • – 1 Complete Atmos RX Wax Vaporizer Kit
  • – USB Charger and Accessories
  • – Dabbing Tool & Manual
Atmos Magna


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