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Atmos Forge Plus

Atmos Forge Plus is exclusively designed wax consistency heating attachment, and the kit comes complete with a powerful 510 950mAh lithium-ion battery, available at Lets Vape & Smoke Shop KC.

Atmos Forge Plus’ dual coil atomizers combine the power of titanium coils with the potent flavor producing qualities of ceramic rods to create one of the most efficient wax consistency vaporizers available.


Durable and compact, the attachment is equipped with a high grade coating and a splash prevention mouthpiece, keeping your product securely inside the chamber as you vape.


The Forge Plus is also equipped with adjustable airflow allowing users to increase or decrease the amount of air moving through the Forge Plus, making their draws bigger or more flavorful
Size: h 6.12 in, d .54 in

Atmos Forge Vape Kansas City

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 – Forge Plus Heating Attachment
  • 1 – 950mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • 1 – Dual Coil Ceramic/Titanium Atomizer
  • 1 – Dual Coil Quartz/Titanium Atomizer
  • 1 – Packing Tool
  • 1 – Adapter
  • 1 – User Manual


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