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Atman Starlight for Dry Herbs and Wax

Atman Starlight makes to the list of perfect vaporizers for both dry herbs and wax vaping. The box mod styled vaporizer comes with a stainless steel removable heating chamber for wax vaping and a regular chamber for dry herb vape. Four level temperature controls regulate vaping sessions to fit your choice of smoke and flavor.

Thanks to powerful 2800mAH you many enjoy several cycles with a single full charge.

Atman Starlight

Dedicated Wax Heating Chamber

Atman’s Starlight has a big heating chamber for dry herbs, but the kit also contains another stainless steel chamber that you use for wax vaping. The removable chamber fits into the regular chamber and its concentrates do not come into direct contact with the regular chamber.

This arrangement prevents your wax concentrates from mixing with dry herbs. Usually, residues from wax or thick oil concentrates are left in the chamber, especially when you are not careful with your cleaning regimen. The separate chamber for wax takes away the possibility of wax flavors affecting your dry herbs vaping, and vice versa.

The separate chamber for wax takes away the possibility of wax flavors affecting your dry herbs vaping, and vice versa.

All you need to do is to dab the stainless steel chamber and lower it into the regular chamber. For dry herb vape, you will have to remove it and pack the regular chamber with herbs.

Atman Starlight

Longer Air Path

The device has an airpath longer than many other vaporizers. Starlight’s huge plastic mouthpiece covers the entire top surface of the device. The mouthpiece tip and the heating chambers are located on opposite ends. This allows for a lengthier air path that in turn helps to smooth out vapor and to cool smoke.

A magnet filter, capping the heating chamber, notches up your vaping experience. You reap the benefits of carefully crafted design on your first draws when you begin a relaxing vaping session with flavorful smooth puffs.

Atman Starlight offers Simple Operation

You will find this dry herb and wax vaporizer to quite easy to operate with a single multifunction button. Press the button five times to turn on the device. You may cycle through the temperatures with three clicks.

LED lights on the side indicate your selection. Heating begins after you hold down the button for a couple of seconds. A red light indicates when it is heating up, and then turns solid green meaning you are ready to go.

Only 4 to 12 Seconds Heat Up Time

The heating chamber reaches set temperatures really fast. For lower temperature settings the chamber would heat up in just 4 seconds, while the highest temperature level of 500F would take 12 seconds.

Manually selectable temperatures, ranging between 320F and 500F, perfectly work for both dry herbs and wax. Lower temperatures are ideal for dry herbs that may burn on higher degrees. For wax vaping, hot 500F would do the best job.

Auto Cut Off

Atman Starlight vaporizer has a battery cut off safety feature to prevent damage in case of low charge. However, the powerful battery lasts several cycles and you should not fear an abrupt end to your vaping sessions.

Also, take note that Atman advises using only provided USB cable to charge the device.


 Battery capacity: 2800mah 

Battery type: Li-on 

Size: 55*25*130 

Weight: 210g 

Full charge time: 3-4 hours

Atman Starlight

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