Atman Owar

ATMAN OWAR is the best portable vaporizer made with innovative technology and smart design.

Atman Owar

1. triple quartz coils and a ceramic plate, which can keep pure tasty
2. Bottom container to storage your concentrate safely without smell
3. Beautiful color choices, including Red, Blue, Black, Silver and Gold.
4. Smooth surface, comfortable to hold and put into your pocket.
5. Sillicon mouthpiece without heat and mental tasty
6. No leaking, no burning, easy vaporizer pen for wax

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Atman Owar

Protection system

1. Over-time: 15s working time, over 15s the device will flash green light in 5 times.
2. Low voltage: need to charge the device when the red light flash 8 times.
3. Short-circuit: red light will flash 3 times.

Atman Owar includes:

  • extra coil
  • dabing spoon
  • cleaning brush
  • usb charger


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