Ascent By DaVinci

BEST Vapor Quality Among Portable Vaporizers

Ascent By Da Vinci is one of the most trusted and popular portable vaporizing units in the world. These Handheld pocket vaporizers are stylish, portable, convenient and reliable. They offer the ability to vaporize both dry herb and wax concentrates out of the box.

In the world of high end portable vaporizers, 3 models stand out as overall best. The pax, the firefly, and Ascent by Davinci.

Ascent Davinci KC

Bigger But Better

While the ascent by davinci is a tad bit bigger than both the pax and firefly units, many regard it as better because of higher quality materials used in building the device, more temperature control, and overall better vapor quality. While the slightly larger build is definitely a turning point for many consumers, the quality of the build and produced vapor is enough to cause many to prefer the ascent over pax and firefly.

BEST place To Buy Ascent by DaVinci In Kansas City

As an authorized dealer of Ascent vaporizers, we offer a price match guarantee across our complete line of Ascent vaporizers and accessories. When it comes to buying the Ascent or Ascent II vaporizer We will Meet Or beat the price of any local Kansas City competitor. Our goal is to become known as the best place to buy an Ascent by davinci Kansas City 2016.

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