Pulsar APX Smoker

Pulsar APX Smoker takes just 7 seconds to combust — and not merely heat — your dry herbs for hard hits and heavy smokes that provide you relaxing sessions. It is one of the smallest dry herb smokers available on the market. In spite of its smaller size, APX smoker produces the same powerful vaping experience that we usually associate with traditional methods such as using a glass pipe. This combustion device could also be called an electronic on the go pipe.

The handheld device also facilitates discreet vaping and you may use it outdoors in windy conditions.

It offers some cool safety features as well.

APX Smoker

Pulse or Combust Herbs

You will find Pulsar APX Smoker quite easy to operate, with its remarkable functionality that allows you to either pulse to heat the materials less intensely or simply combust.

You access the combustion chamber by removing the glass mouthpiece. The chamber only takes herbs and not concentrates. It offers conduction vaping, not convection.

The heating chamber outputs temperatures reaching up to 1094F! This is not a regular vaporizer so temperatures range between 950F and 1094F, and you will have to be careful with your first draw if you are new to smokers.

Press the power button five times to turn on the device. Then again press the button for seven seconds to heat. Red LED light indicates when the chamber is heating up. When the light turns solid green, you need to press the button again to take drags.

Press the button for combustion or simply pulse to heat the materials in combustion chamber less intensely. Either way, it allows relaxing sessions, producing pleasant thick smokes of your choice.

APX Smoker: A Tamed Beast

Although combustion chamber temperatures go insanely high, it is unlikely that you will accidentally burn yourself. Ceramic heating chamber prevents heat from leaking out to the external shell.

Another safety feature lies in the handblown mouthpiece, which cools the smoke and smooths out flavors, despite air path being short due to small form factor.


Cleaning Pulsar APX smoker hardly takes more than a few minutes, since quartz lined chamber proves almost self-cleaning. The kit also bundles a cleaning brush and a loading tool.

Battery Life

The small-sized Pulsar APX device features a 1100mAH battery that runs it on 100volts. The battery could last up to 1.5 hour with a full charge.

The LED lights on the side indicate battery levels.

Extremely Discreet Design

At only 3.4 inches in length and designed to fit your palm, it is one of the tiniest smokers. Pulsar has showcased an extended color range and you can choose from black, blue, silver, gold, skulls, THC, woody green, tie dye, and urban.

APX Smoker


  • 7 Second Heat Time
  • Ceramic Power Pad
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Quartz Chamber
  • Ultra Portable


  • 1100 mAh Battery
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Loading Tool
  • Micro USB Charge Cable

Technical Specifications

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 3.4”
  • 950F – 1094F
  • Dry Herbs
APX Smoker


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