Acrylic Water Pipes

Acrylic Water Bongs KC

Traditional & Modern Designs

Acrylic water pipes offer good smoking functionality at a lower price point than glass or ceramic water pipes. Acrylic pipes are lightweight and much harder to break than a glass pipe. We sell a wide variety of makes and models in acrylic.

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Why Buy An Acrylic Water Pipe?

Most people looking to buy an acrylic water pipe are either on a budget, or they want a worry free piece that works well. The truth is, acrylic pipes do work well. They’re not as classy or technologically advanced as higher end glass pieces, but they are more than capable of getting the job done.

Acrylic Gas Masks

Gas Mask Bong KC

We proudly sell gas mask smoking systems. The gas mask is basically a two part system consisting of a mask to trap smoke provided by an acrylic water pipe fitted into the breathing mechanisms of the mask.

The gas mask is a very popular method of smoking and always a customer favorite. Gas masks built for smoking are a hardcore and ultra efficient method of firing up. They work well and the idea of using the gas mask always seems entertaining.

Best Place To Buy Acrylic Water Pipes In KC

We carry many designs for acrylic pipes in a variety of sizes, colors, and social applications. We carry simple acrylic pipes as well as multi-hose acrylic bongs & scientific acrylic pieces with percolators built in. While we specialize in glass, our selection of quality acrylic glass pipe is also among the best in Kansas City. We have top acrylic brands such as headies and graffix, as well as many higher end scientific acrylic bongs.

Mini Acrylic pipe oil burner

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