Buy Hookahs, Shisha, Charcoal and Accessories | LETS VAPE & SMOKE SHOP KC
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Buy Hookahs, Shisha, Charcoal and Accessories

Wide Selection Of Hookahs & Parts

Buy Hookahs , Shisha, Charcoal

Lets Vape & Smoke Shop Carry Traditional Hookahs In All Shapes And Sizes and offer top brands such as Sahara Smoke, Khalil Mamoon, And Evolution Glass Hookahs.

As a “One Stop Smoke Shop” We Also Carry all of the obvious Hookah Accessories And Replacement Parts Such As Heads, Hoses, & Vases. We strive to be the best place to buy hookah related products In Kansas City.

We Got The Hookah & Shisha Charcoal You’re Looking For

We have an extensive stock of charcoal brands including traditional coconut based charcoals as well as popular self igniting coals. We also sell a variety of table top burners which are manufactured specifically for igniting hookah coals.

Additionally, At Lets Vape & Smoke shop KC you can find unconventional modern items for your hookah such as double heads, quad heads, silicon heads, and electronic heads that don’t require charcoal. We pride ourselves on keeping up with all of the new hookah technology trends and seek to carry popular new items.

All The Popular Shisha Brands & Flavors Under One Roof

When it comes to flavors, the hookah smoker has alot of options to choose from. We carry all of the best brands and flavors you’ve had or heard of and then many more that you never knew existed. Our most popular hookah tobacco brands are Starbuzz, Al Fahkner, Fumari, Nirvana, Haze, ALRAYAN, and Something Girlie.

Buy Electronic Hookah Accessories

We also pride ourselves in stocking the best electronic hookah technology. We carry products that will help you convert any traditional hookah into a full functioning vaporizer with products such as The Square or Rook E-bowls.

Kansas City Price Match Guarantee On Hookahs & Accessories

Lets Vape guarantee to meet or beat the price In KC & Missouri Of any popular brands of hookahs, charcoal, or shisha in our store. We have alot of options when it comes to purchasing hookahs, Shisha and accessories and strive to become known as the best Vape Shop to buy hookahs and accessories in Kansas City 2018.

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