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Chill E Juice

Chill E Juice Biggest collection in Kansas City & Missouri and Kansas.

Chill E Juice

Chill E-liquid is an e-juice Co & out of the US, and whole line is based on sparkling soda flavors. The packaging of the e-liquid goes along with the soda theme, also it’s unique and is certain to attract vapors attention.

The 60ml clear glass bottles come in imitation style soda cans, which at first glance could be mistaken for a [[ real drink ]]. Each E Juice Bottle can depict its flavor via its color and refreshingly unfancy name, and the bottles have clean labels to match.

Chill E Juice Flavors 

Orange Peach and Lemon Lime are Best but the rest of the line includes: Purple Grape, Pink Soda, Blue Raspberry and Golden Pineapple

Chill E Juice say their e-juices are ‘carefully handcrafted to create a refreshing soda experience in every vape that will leave you wanting more!’

Chill E Juice

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