Premium butane

Premium Butane for Lighters & Torches

Premium Butane Whip it, Premium Butane Liquid Platinum Series. Butane for Torches and Lighters. Neon 7x Premium Butane. Butane Torches, […]

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Hookah Adapters

These screw on adapters allow you to add an additional hose to your hookah in the place of it’s current vent hole.

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deni clean liquid tobacco pipe cleaner

Liquid Cleaners

We carry the Bling brand liquid tobacco pipe cleaner. It is available in two varieties, one for pyrex (glass), metal, & ceramic tobacco pipes and one of plastics/acrylics.

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Leather Pouches

Lets Vape & Smoke Shop offer nearly entire range of leather tobacco pouch, like tobacco pouches for pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco and cigarette tobacco.

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Pipe Cleaning Brushes

We offer several types of reusable brushes for cleaning your
tobacco pipes and hookahs. These have stiffer metal shanks than disposable

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FANTASTIC Incense Selection

What Kind of head shop would we be without offering a large variety of incense to sooth your head? Lets Vape & Smoke Shop Proudly Boasts A Huge Collection of Quality Incense Styles such as sticks, cones, powders, etc. With Hundreds of “flavors” to choose from.

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