The Square E-head is the most versatile and popular electronic hookah head for transforming any standard hookah into a full fledged oil vaping system. This unit is a traditional shaped hookah bowl engineered to efficiently vape e-liquids electronically as an alternative to traditional shisha & charcoal.

Square E-Head

The Square E-Head is the most versatile and feature rich electronic hookah bowl that can be used to convert any hookah into a full fledged vaporizing system.

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Phantom Smoke E-Hookah

For A Disposable Electronic Hookah, The Phantom Smoke E-Hookah Offers Alot of bang for your buck. This over-sized e-cig offers up to 800 deep puffs and comes in a variety of flavors.

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Rook E-bowl

The rook electronic hookah bowl is one of the best ways to turn your hookah into a complete oil vaping rig. This versatile electronic head offers high end vaping of any typical oil based vaping medium.

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Square E-hose Mini Hookah

The e-hose mini by Square is a simple, sleekly designed, ultra portable hand held hookah. The square ehose system uses cartridges fit for the tool and offers a variety of flavors to choose from.

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Fantasia E-bowl

The fantasia e-bowl offers a complete electronic hookah vaping experience right out of the box and offers the convenience of plug and play flavors from the fantasia line.

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Fantasia E-Hookah

The popular shisha brand Fantasia is now serving up their most popular flavors with their new age e-hookah. This popular […]

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