CBD Water Soluble

CBD Hemp Oil is very useful and has lots of benefits, but oil and water do not mix so this is NOT easily absorbed into the body.  It smells.  And also tastes bad.

Our body is composed of over 60% water, so what good is a product that cannot dissolve in water?  CBD Hemp Oil products have an extremely poor bioavailability, when compared to water soluble technology.

Benefits of CBD Water Soluble

CBD Water Soluble Very Effective

Human Body absorbs water Soluble CBD much easier than CBD that is not bioavailable. Less CBD is needed to harness the same results.

CBD Water Soluble is Safe

Taking too much of anything is unsafe. Even drinking too much water can be harmful for the body! When CBD is made water soluble, you’re ensured that you’re not taking too much. Your body is absorbing exactly what it needs even when smaller doses are taken.

It is a Great Value

Although they are becoming more affordable, CBD products can tend to be costly. When CBD is water soluble, however, less is more. This means you’re not spending nearly as much money to get similar results.

CBD Water Soluble by American Shaman

American Shaman CBD Water Soluble, MADE IN USA, is  100% Organic and Terpene Rich! You Can drink American Shaman’s Canabidiol…

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