CBD Hemp Oil Concentrate

CBD Hemp Oil Concentrate

Cannabidiol hemp oil MADE IN USA. 2.0 mL bottles (with dripper) come in 4 proven flavors: Blueberry Moon, Banana Sunrise, Natural and Spearmint. Highest quality Hemp Oil available. 30mg terpene rich CBD Hemp Oil per mL. Except for ULTRA Spearmint, which has 45mg of CBD Hemp Oil per each mL. For vaporizer or for tincture.  NO NICOTINE.

CBD (Cannabidiol), one of the most important healing substances in the hemp plant with a strong anti-inflammatory effect without a psychotropic (narcotic) effect. CBD hemp oil also works against anxiety, convulsions, insomnia, neuropathic pain and ulcers.

Hemp oil in Kansas City

 CBD Cure Anxiety 

Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is proven to be quite effective on Social anxiety disorder. Therefore, if you, or someone you know has been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder recently, CBD is very helpful curing that.

For Chronic Pain

CBD Oil becomes the treatment for pain when no pain killers, Sleep aids are working. It offers a huge benefit to those, suffering from chronic pain. It is pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect that helps your muscles to relax and doesn’t create an issue while exercising.


 For Epilepsy

According to results of a recent research, it has now been clinically proven that the use of CBD oil is remarkably effective in alleviating the symptoms of epilepsy and taking the seizures under control, not only, in terms of intensity, but also in frequency.

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